So You Want To Be A Professional Bettor? Among the questions I’m asked usually is “how do I go about going ‘full time’ as a professional bettor?” HEPI8

A considerable component of my earnings originates from my wagering tasks, so I guess I am qualified to talk with some authority on what it requires to earn money from wagering.

A real professional bettor will be involved with wagering opportunities in many sporting activities – he isn’t worried by whether he delights in having fun or watching a particular sporting activity. What he will be worried about, is unearthing a possibly lucrative opportunity, where the price offered about the result of an occasion is too expensive compared with the real chance of it happening.

In various other words he is looking for those gold nuggets where the bookmaker has made a mistake in pricing up an occasion, and in favour of the punters. Maybe tennis, football, equine racing, snooker, it doesn’t issue to the professional punter.

However, because I study equine racing and equine racing base on a routine basis, after that I think my benefit over the bookmaker is my knowledge of equine racing. That’s why directly I wager almost solely on equine racing.

So I can just truly answer the question of “how to be a professional bettor” from my own individual point of view. But here goes….

Anyone that makes their living through wagering will need to concentrate on 3 key locations if they are to be effective:

  • Self-control
  • Wagering financial institution and staking plan
  • Wager choice

I will invest a bit time discussing each subject.


By working out ‘discipline’ what I imply is “you need to take your wagering seriously – treat it as a genuine business to obtain business benefits”. This means maintaining documents of all your wagers, sticking to a strategy, maintaining feeling from your choices, not chasing after your losses, you know, all the points you’ve listened to a million times before!

The point is, if you don’t adopt a professional attitude for your wagering, you cannot call on your own a professional punter. If you do not take your resource of earnings seriously, after that you’re simply another cup punter, and (believe me) the bookies will wind up taking your earnings from you.

Any pro-punter will confess they experience from a shedding run every now and then. However, the professional will seldom shed their whole wagering financial institution because they maintain their self-control – they know what has brought them success and revenues in the previous, so they proceed to adopt the same strategies until they enter a winning touch or an upturn in outcomes.


One of the most common question here’s “how big should my wagering financial institution be?” Well, this is individual to you and you alone. But whatever the dimension of your bankroll it should constantly begin as a amount you can afford to shed. I know you’ve listened to this a thousand times over! It doesn’t issue if you begin with simply fifty quid, as lengthy as if it decreases the plughole it doesn’t leave you in difficulty.

Appearance after your wagering financial institution as the capitalization of your new business – professional gambling. Treat your wagering financial institution as your business funds, and with the same respect and self-control you would certainly were you in a traditional business of your own, and you’re fifty percent way to being effective.


Remember, Ia m giving you my own individual opinion here. Ideas on staking plans vary, but mine is simple – LEVEL STAKES.

Others will differ, and I am not saying that staking plans don’t work. They’ll say that a staking plan that makes the most of your revenues whilst reducing your losses is crucial. What I am saying is that for me directly I think that if you cannot first make a profit using a degree risks approach, after that you need to modify your choice process before changing your risks.

I have the tendency to risk no greater than one percent of my count on any one choice. Wagering to fairly reduced risks allows me to maintain my self-control, as also a lengthy shedding run will have little effect on my reserves overall. Remember what I said about wagering without feeling? Let me inform you, if you have actually shed 3 quarters of your financial institution because of your high risks and a regrettable shedding run, after that your judgment with each succeeding wager will be terribly affected.


Most individuals (and by that I imply the ninety 8 percent of punters that shed money) have the tendency to focus all their attention on how to earn lucrative choices, without regard to self-control neither their wagering financial institution. All 3 locations are equally important and you should perhaps view them each as a leg on a stool – remove any among the legs and your dreams of making a living from wagering will come collapsing down.

If you have actually a strong technique of choice that you have the ability to follow rigidly through shedding durations, as well as great, and you also have the self-control to stick for your staking plan, after that you should show a long-term profit from your financial investments.

It may be you don’t have your own system, or perhaps you don’t have the moment to study and make choices. Where situation you can follow the solutions of a tipster. Finding the right tipster is a subject all by itself, and we don’t have the moment to do it justice here.

The essential consider putting your wagers, and this is most of the time overlooked , is to obtain a great price about every solitary wager you make. Constantly, and I imply constantly, look for worth. If you don’t find worth, after that truthfully it’s better over time to leave the wager alone. When it comes to equine racing, if you regularly back equines at prices too expensive compared with their real chance of winning, after that I promise you’ll earn money over time.