The exact origins of the games of Poker are unknown but there are several theories that have been put forth. Some say it originated in Persia in the 1600’s, others say in Europe where it was called “Poque” or “Pochen” and still others suggest it originated in the United States in New Orleans in the 1800’s prior to the American Civil War – where it spread rapidly to various towns throughout the Old West. Agen BandarQ

Poker was played by two distinct grups of gamblers. The first grup was made up of gentlemen players who enjoyed the games in moderation. They played mainly for pleasure and did not depend upon their winnings for their livelihood. The second grup consisted of profesional gamblers – men who relied on their winnings for financial survival. The latter grup were looked down upon by the general public who viewed them as con men cheating their victims out of their hard-earned money.

The Western Frontier towns tolerated gambling in the early 1800’s until 1830 when laws were passed prohibiting gambling. Many of the well-known gamblers were run out of town, some of them were tarred and feathered and some were lynched by vigilante grups. Because gambling was now prohibited on land, many gamblers began playing on steamboats on the Mississippi River where Poker became populer for many years.

Gambling became populer in California because of the Gold Rush since there were so many miners in the tempat with a great setuju of money. Miners poured into Northern California which resulted in gambling houses popping up all over the region to provide the men with women, Poker and music. However, with the growth and civilization of the tempat, gambling was outlawed – first in Nevada in 1909 and then in California shortly thereafter.

Ernest J. Primm was running illegal kasinos in the mid-1930’s under the patronage of Frank Shaw, the corrupt may or the City of Gardena. Shaw was recalled by the voters of Los Angeles and as a result, Primm’s kasinos were raided and closed. Furious at the loss of revenue, Primm thoroughly researched the 1872 California Statute that outlawed gambling. He happily discovered that the listing of illegal game did not include Poker.

Consequently, Primm was able to have card rooms in California legalized and because of him, the well-known Bicycle Klub and the Commerce Kasino are populer and perfectly respectable places to gamble.

California Poker/Gambling Trivia · Keseluruhan number of gaming machines in the State of California is 58,101 and keseluruhan number of table game is 3,162.

· The most kasinos in a California city – 13 in Santa Clarita. There are 26 gaming machines and 65 table game in this city.

· The largest kasino in the State of California is the Pala Kasino Resor and Spa in the City of Pala where there are 85 table game and 2,250 gaming machines.

· California is second only to Nevada with the number of kasinos and card rooms.

· Unlike Las Vegas, California kasinos may not give free drinks to gamblers. Vegas kasinos will provide you with the drink of your choice as long as you are gambling – whether it be at the tables, slots machines or even Bingo.

· State law mandates that liquor sales in California end at 2 a.m.

For those who wish to learn all about Poker taktikes, commentators Bart Hanson and David Tuhman who are profesional Poker players, provide all the information needed during their populer television show “Live at the Bike” which captures Poker as it is really played at the tables in every kasino and card klub in the country.

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